La aventura peruana

Desembarcamos en el aeropuerto de Lima. ¿Primera impresión? El edificio parece moderno, pero alrededor se nota la suciedad. Probablemente eso era lo que esperábamos. Uno no va al Perú para deleitarse con el orden y[…]

8-Bit Generation

Nowadays, it is hard to believe that some time ago computers needed a dedicated tape cassette to run. When I am trying to explaining this to my kid, the first question it asks goes like[…]

Spring Picnic Across Europe

Slovakia Day First I’m taking a train from Białystok to Cieszyn. Eleven hours and three transfers. This is not the best possible means of transport, but by far the most accommodating one. I have a[…]

The Mirror of Feelings

– He destroys me… Again. He’s doing this with increasing premeditation, ferocity. My pain gives me pleasure. I have already accepted the act of psychological harassment. I have already accepted that he treats my like[…]

Carta a una hija

Querida Hijita, Está vacío de alguna manera aquí sin tí. Con todas las ganas no te dejaría abondonar mi nido. Pero sé que así es el orden de las cosas. Sé que si yo fuera[…]

How to live in a better world

„Energy is everywhere. If you match the frequency of the reality you want, you will have that reality every time. It”s not philosophy. It”s physics.” -Albert Einstein How to live in a better world We[…]