Small Hands

„Stop! Something just flashed in front of me!” I screamed to Thomas. Thomas pressed the brake pedal obediently. The car slowed downed so abruptly that I almost hit the windscreen. I unfastened my belts in[…]

The dark story – 2nd Part

The windscreen wipers of the old Opel were working at the highest speed. I covered more than 300 kilometres. The East of Poland. It was pouring down continuously, the sky was overcast and a depressing[…]

El vestido floreado

– ¿Sientes ese olor? – ¿Qué olor? – Olor de muerte. Estará aquí dentro de poco. Apreté los párpados con más fuerza. Tan fuerte como si quisiera meter mis globos oculares dentro de mi cabeza.[…]

Raspberry Juice

She was standing in the window. Cold wind was brushing her hair, temples, breasts, arms… „And what if?” „She hesitated and looked down”. She felt a bit dizzy. The view from the 11th floor was[…]

Turning the Clock Back

I was sitting close to my husband’s grave for a second hour or so, I think. I didn’t even notice when the dusk approached. I did not like to stroll across the entire cemetery after[…]