8-Bit Generation

Nowadays, it is hard to believe that some time ago computers needed a dedicated tape cassette to run. When I am trying to explaining this to my kid, the first question it asks goes like[…]

Spring Picnic Across Europe

Slovakia Day First I’m taking a train from Białystok to Cieszyn. Eleven hours and three transfers. This is not the best possible means of transport, but by far the most accommodating one. I have a[…]

The Mirror of Feelings

– He destroys me… Again. He’s doing this with increasing premeditation, ferocity. My pain gives me pleasure. I have already accepted the act of psychological harassment. I have already accepted that he treats my like[…]

How to live in a better world

„Energy is everywhere. If you match the frequency of the reality you want, you will have that reality every time. It”s not philosophy. It”s physics.” -Albert Einstein How to live in a better world We[…]

Small Hands

„Stop! Something just flashed in front of me!” I screamed to Thomas. Thomas pressed the brake pedal obediently. The car slowed downed so abruptly that I almost hit the windscreen. I unfastened my belts in[…]